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Our highly skilled team can not wait to meet you, we endeavour to create a supportive and empowering environment & we are so proud of you for taking this time to book in some self care! Taking the time for yourself out of the day to work on your wellness!



Sugaring is a natural hair removal, using a sugar paste to remove the hairs by the follicle, it is less harsh to the skin unlike waxing it doesn't remove the dry skin on the surface which leads to a stinging sensation, the sugar breaks down the dead skin and absorbs it whilst being taken off. Sugaring is perfect for those who suffer from ingrown hairs and can lead to less hair growing back if you do it over an extensive time.


Half leg: $50

Full leg: $70

Half arm: $40

Full arm: $50

Underarm: $35

Bikini line: $45

G-string: $65

Chest: $75

Back $65


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