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You're here because you have had the inner call to create the life you are dreaming of. You are capable but you need the tools & support to push you out of your comfort zone &  'Quantam leap'  into your new reality & that is where I come in.

Learning from someone who has been where you are & created a business that has allowed for finacial freedom  and endless opportunities.



I am so happy to see you here, before you continue to the application please read the following to catch a Vibe of how I do things over here at Sangria with Sommer.

My purpose is to connect with you on the deepest of levels to truly understand you and how for you to best move forward to move into your new reality, fully harnessing your unique power and embodying your bold AF self. Blending mindset, energetics, design feedback, shadow work & business strategies to create a magnetic AF brand & business!

To fully achieve what we set out to create together you need to be prepared to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable! It is best suited to Business owners & clients who are ready to make drastic changes which are going to shift them into a new way of living and thinking.

This isn't for you if

  • You don't have a desire for growth 

  • You are not ready for change

  • You are not ready to invest in yourself

  • You are not ready to improve your relationship with food, mind, body & spirit

  • You are not ready to improve your relationship with money

  • You are not wanting to EXPAND in every possible way

If you are ready to IMMERSE yourself in the energetics of expansion & creating a F*cking amazing lifestyle. Fill out the application below. 

Please share your truth via the application form - I want to know who you really are & feel your energy from the other side of the screen!


If your application is accepted you have 48 hours to secure with the deposit or buy signing up to our payment plan.




The 1 month container is designed to help you up level your Business & Mindset helping you take the steps to SCALE your business and ELEVATE your profits.


  • Social media Audit

  • Weekly 60 minute Strategy sessions

  • Monday- Friday Voxer support

  • Access to our ONLINE master programs


$2000 AU or

4x weekly $500 payments



The 3 month container is transformative, the ultimate and closest proximity to Sommer in a 1:1 mentorship experience that TRANSCENDS all areas of your life.

Elevate your life & business with strategies that will SCALE your business & in personal development with endless opportunities.


  • Social Media Audit

  • Fortnightly 60 minute Strategy sessions

  • Monday-Friday Voxer Support

  • Access to our ONLINE master programs


$5000AU or 

12x weekly $416 payments

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