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Hello and thank you for your interest in LPL’s Eyelash Lash Enhancement & Brow workshops. Our workshops has been fully customised by Sommer the founder of LPL.

Sommer has been a beauty therapist for 10 years and in the eyelash industry for the past 9 years, previously owning Canberra’s number one Lash Salon before moving to Wagga Wagga and opening Wagga’s very first Lash studio.


Her passion for teaching began with the realisation that the artists in her area at the time were lacking in knowledge of the industry and always asking for her guidance. Sommer then undertook her certification in training & assessment so she could create her own workshops.

Over the years she has left her footprints in the industry

-ABIA teacher of the year finalist - 2015

-Most dedicated Lash Artist finalist - 2016

-Inspirational Speaker at LASHBASH Goldcoast - 2017

-Inspirational Speaker at LASHBASH Goldcoast - 2018

-Inspirational Speaker at LASHBASH ISLAND RETREAT- 2018

-Lash Vision Leader Attendee - 2018

-Inspirational Speaker at LASH VISION New Zealand - 2019

-Inspirational Speaker at LASH VISION Tasmania - 2019

-Inspirational Speaker at LASH VISION Canberra - 2019

-Lash Vision Leader Attendee - 2019

-Inspirational speaker & Judge at AUSTRALIA LASH OPEN -  2020

LPL brings you an educational lash experience that keeps you up to date with the ever changing lash industry. Investing in our workshops gives you the fundamental skills to perform eyelash extensions safely and correctly leaving your future clients confident in your lashing skills as-well as building a strong and successful business and social media presence.

A Lash Career can give you your flexibility back as a mum, it can allow for a creative career to leave that 9-5 job that you feel drained going to every day & it can give you a skill to be proud of and open up so many rewarding opportunities.

You can see your return in your investment as soon as 1 month after learning the skill of Eyelash Extensions, we teach you a skill that will change your life as you know it.

DO YOU TRAVEL INTERSTATE? Yes LPL studio can arrange to travel interstate. Extra fees apply to cover flights & accommodation.


YES! We travel, ask us about YOU hosting our workshop in your City TODAY


6 & 9 month payment plans available


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