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  • How do I care for my Eyelash Extensions
    LASH COMANDMENTS Thou shall not wear mascara on their Lashes Thou shall not be rough on their Lashes Thou shall avoid steam the day of application Thou shall brush their Lashes daily Thou shall cleanse their Lashes regularly Thou shall not use oil products around Lashes Thou shall book infills in advance Thou shall tell everyone where you had your LASH NAP
  • I have recently had a tint or a lash lift, can I get Eyelash Extensions?"
    Yes you can get Extensions but we recommend waiting 48 hours before we can apply Extensions to ensure any residue in which could act as a barrier to the adhesive is completely gone. ​
  • Can I remove Eyelash Extensions?
    Yes, we can professionally remove them depending on the condition of what is currently on your lashes this process takes any where from 15 minuses to 60 minutes
  • Why do Eyelash Extensions take so long to apply?
    If they are not taking longer then an hour I would be extremely worried, we are using tweezers in both our hands, isolating the natural lashes ensuring that only one extension is applied to one natural lash, and doing this up to 150x on each eye. it is normal for them to take 75 minutes and up to 3 hours depending on the style you choose.
  • I have had an allergic reaction to Eyelash Extensions can I still get them done?
    Unfortunately you can’t receive them again, once allergic you will always be allergic, you could try an alterative treatment like Lashlifting.
  • What are Eyelash Extensions made from?
    Eyelash Extensions are made from the same material as your tooth brush bristles which we refer to as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), they are then finished off to have a gloss appearance (silk) or matt appearance (faux mink).
  • How often do I need to maintain Eyelash Extensions?
    Our natural lashes are constantly growing and falling out at different rates, it is completely normal to loose 3-5 natural lashes per day, this means maintenance is required every 2-3 weeks, sometimes people can go 4 weeks but in this case generally the lashes are grown out a lot and we need to physically remove the Eyelash Extensions by peeling them off the natural lashes carefully which takes up more time therefore costing more.
  • Do Eyelash Extensions damage your lashes?
    If Eyelash Extensions are applied correctly they will not damage your natural lashes, by applied correctly we mean that only one extension is applied to one natural lash. they are to be applied no closer then 2mm above the skin to ensure no irritation and to not be to long for the natural lash, if they are too long this can cause premature lash loss.
  • Our Lash Guarantee!
    As Eyelash Extension stylist we have a duty of care to our clients, to apply lashes safely and correctly and to tell our clients if there natural lashes can not handle what they are after, just like a doctor is responsible for the well being of his patients, LPL Stylists are responsible for your over all lash health.

It is important that you know Eyelash Extensions are an art and therefore take time, love, and care to apply. For this reason we ask for you to come prepared to your lash appointment, the cleaner your lashes are when you arrive the better retention you will have between infills.

    •    Please arrive eye make up free making sure an oil free substance was used to remove your makeup.

    •    During your LASH NAP we ask that you turn your phone off or to silent, if you are expecting an important call please let your lash artist know in advance.

    •    Please avoid intense excersise and drinking caffeine prior to your appointment as this can cause your eyes to be super fluttery and make LASH NAP take longer therefore costing you more.

    •    For Health and Safety reasons we can not have little ones in our lash studio as your eyes are closed for long periods of time.


By Booking an appointment at LPL studio you agree that your booking fee is non refundable. If you cancel with less then 24 hours notice you will be charged for your full appointment minus the booking fee you have already charged.

All appointments are non refundable, if you have any issues with your Eyelash Extensions within the first 3 days we will fix it complementary, keep in mind if your eyelash extensions are not clean to begin with this can cause issues with retention, we suggest if you wear heavy makeup or are naturally oily to invest in a lash cleanser before your appointment to help lengthen the life of your extensions.

We don't tolerate NO SHOWS and if you don't show you will be invoiced for the total of your appointment plus a $20 admin fee ontop, this invoice will be given a net 7 days to be paid and if it isn't paid we will pass it on to a debt collection agency.

Eyelash Extensions appointment are super hard to fill last minute as we dedicate a lot of time so we can give you the best result, we ask that you respect our Business policies so we can continue running a Business that we love.


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