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Our highly skilled team can not wait to meet you, we endeavour to create a supportive and empowering environment & we are so proud of you for taking this time to book in some self care! Taking the time for yourself out of the day to work on your wellness!

Pssst.... If you love have beautifully luscious lashes 24/7 our lash memberships are for you! think weekly instalments & nothing to pay on your infill day! Simply lash heaven!


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Russian Volume.      Maintenance   


Russian volume is a tedious technique where we create our fans to compliment the natural health of each individual natural lash. This technique creates a beautiful and fluffy end result.




Hybrid is a combination of hand made Russian volume & Classic eyelash extensions creating a textured and full end result.


Classic lashes are a style of extensions where one individual extension is applied to one natural lash, the end result enhances what you natural have giving your lashes length & depth.


Soft Russian: $210

time allocation 2 hours

Full Russian: $250

time allocation: 2.5 hours





Soft hybrid: $180

time allocation: 1.5 hours

Full Hybrid: $200

time allocation: 2 hours






Express classic: $99

time allocation: 1 hour

Soft classic: $140

time allocation: 75 minutes

Full classic: $180

time allocation: 1.5 hours


Hybrid Lashes.           Maintenance


Classic Lashes.            Maintenance


45 minutes: $90

60 minutes: $125

90 minutes: $150


45 minutes: $90

60 minutes: $125

90 minutes: $150


45 minutes: $80

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $140

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